The Journey Begins

Hello Friends!

kal bath


My name is Taylor Watson.

I am currently a Stay-at-Home Mom to my beautiful son, Kalan (kal-en not kay-len).

He was born July of this year and has been the biggest blessing.



BTW, this is my husband, Kelsey!

Not only is he an amazing husband and father, but he’s also a talented personal trainer (that part is important, I’ll tell you why in a bit).

Kelsey and I have been together for almost 8 years now and December will mark two years of marriage.


Before I tell you my goal for this blog, we need to take a step back to a time before baby…



Okay, so this is me before baby. Looking at this now, I realize how little I appreciated what I had.

I ate whatever I wanted, only went to the gym a couple times a week, and could run forever!

Now, EVERYTHING has changed!




This is me when I was about five months pregnant with Kal.

I, like most, ate whatever I wanted, didn’t exercise, and stopped running completely.

Big mistake! I gained 40 lbs AND felt like crap the whole pregnancy!


IMG_1478_polarr (1)


Now, I have this wonderful bundle of joy!

At first, I thought that me devoting every second of my time to him was the best thing for him.

But then I realized that in order to be the best mom I can be, I have to remember to take care of me.


So, I decided it’s time to challenge myself…

With the help of my personal trainer husband, I have created a 12 week challenge for myself. Beginning October 15, I will be making healthy choices to bring about my best self.

I say 12 weeks because 1) I need a short term goal to keep motivated, and 2) three months is long enough to make these healthy changes into habits.

Now, don’t expect me to try any fad diets or “cleanses” (because cleanses don’t work, our bodies do a good job on their own). I will simply be making healthier food choices.

My husband will be helping me with exercise routines, which I’m very excited for!

I’m excited to share this experience with you!

I know there are going to be plenty of ups and downs along the way, that’s why it’s called a challenge.

By sharing my experiences, I hope to show other mommas out there that superheroes need to take care of themselves too.










1 thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. I’m so very proud of you Tay! You have overcome so much, and that must also be a large peice of your story. I just want you to know that we love you guys and I’m looking forward to the rest. You are a rock star!

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