Turning a Setback into a Comeback

Let me just start by saying….LUPUS SUCKS!

I never planned on putting any focus on my disease in my blog, but it seems to weasel it’s way into all aspects of my life. I was diagnosed with Lupus a few years ago. For those that don’t know, Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that attacks healthy tissues and cells in the body. There are many symptoms associated with Lupus but, for me, it causes extreme pain and swelling in joints, fatigue, fever, headaches, and a red rash across my face. Since my body can’t tell the difference between foreign invaders and healthy tissue, most of the time when I get sick I will end up displaying all or most of these symptoms…this is called a “flare”. Sometimes the flare is mild, sometimes I can’t physically get out of bed because the pain is so bad. The past two weeks have been more on the extreme side.

It started with me getting bronchitis-something I get EVERY year, without fail! One year I thought it was going to miss me, but I ended up getting it on New Year’s Eve…yay! Anyways, I have bronchitis that ends up turning into a Lupus flare. At first, I try to exercise through it but I end up making things worse. Not to mention, I also have a three month old to take care of so that made for a very challenging/interesting two weeks.

The point is…

I’m NOT going to let these past two weeks keep me from reaching my goals. Everyone, at some point, has had something that has set them back from reaching their goal. The best thing you can do is to keeping going! You’ll never get where you want to go if you just give up.

I have given my body a couple days of rest since my flare ended and am more determined than ever to continue my journey.

New motto:

The bigger the setback, the bigger the comeback!


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